Spotlight on Local Business: Tolle Physiotherapy

Here in Lincoln, it’s easy for a new face to get lost in the crowd.

Our population is now approaching 300, 000 people. While it’s not the size of a huge anonymous city like Los Angeles, that’s still far more people than you could ever get to know.

So I think it’s important to make an effort to spotlight new people and help them get established and settled in. While Facebook has many issues as a resource, it can make a huge difference to someone’s experience of a new city.

For the purpose of meeting new people and getting involved in more civic activities, I joined a few groups, and this is where I met Kristof Tolle.

Tolle recently moved here from New York. He grew up in the USSR, and his family emigrated in the 1970s. His parents worked round the clock, day in and day out – and passed that work ethic on to their kids. Kristof graduated top of his class from Abraham Lincoln High School, following the school’s demanding academic tradition.

Having graduated, he enrolled in Steinhardt and got his degree in physical therapy. After practicing for nearly a decade in the city of bright lights, he decided it was time for a seachange. When I asked Kristof why he chose Lincoln, he had a great answer:

“Lincoln is one of the healthiest and happiest cities in the US. I read the Gallup studies every year, and this city is consistently at the top of the list. After seeing so many people willingly destroy their health and the potential for a happy future in New York, I wanted to be somewhere that I would be surrounded by positive and proactive people.

I also like that Lincoln gets proper seasonal variation. The winters are cold and the summers are warm – not like in other parts of the country where it’s always cold or always hot. I like my body to get the full experience.

It’s also easy for me to set up shop here. There is not the competition among therapists here, so I’ve already had my massage table and supplies shipped down and will be able to start practicing shortly.”